Let’s celebrate Purim with Argentine Kosher Wines

Argentine Kosher Wines are a fun and delicious way to celebrate Purim and other Holidays

During Purim is a tradition to send a gift mainly food or beverages to family and friends but overall we celebrate the days with a lot of happiness. El Secreto Argentine Kosher wines want to be part of your festivities.

This celebration El Secreto Kosher winesis to remember  Israel miraculous salvation from the Persian King Ajashverosh, with the help of Ester and her uncle Mordejai,

This year Purim starts tomorrow March 7, 2012  and usually continues throughout the weekend. The rule of the day is to have fun and why not? get drunk! If you are not into hard liquor, the best way to accomplish that is with wine, here we go Kosher wine!! In California we are blessed to have so many kosher wines to choose from. Main producers of Kosher wine are Israel, Argentina, Spain and of course California. If you Like Malbec wine for its versatility and easy drinking style try El Secreto malbec produced in Argentina by Kosher Winery. Buy el Secreto Kosher wines online at Dare2wine.com  and be ready to enjoy this year Purim. You may also try Tri-varietal Wine a Kosher blend of Tempranillo, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon this is a smooth blend that will delight your palate.  An all-time classic is and for Cabernet Sauvignon lovers , El Secreto presents its Cabernet with hints of oaks and spice on the nose, enjoy with Kosher Beef , Vegetarian Hotdogs or even popcorn on your carnival night!

Since this is a festivity of fun and good time some call it the Jewish’s St Patrick’s, or Mardi Grass, perhaps should be called Halloween for the costumes? You decide, just remember to be happy , be safe and have fun!

Purim Hamentashen

Purim Hamentashen (Photo credit: slgckgc)