Malbec from Argentina

Malbec, From Argentina of Course

Trio malbec wines

Trio malbec wines

An interesting and funny video was posted on You Tube by Wines of Argentina.

Malbec is the signature grape from Argentina, it is originally from France but when it went to Argentina  found the terroir  and climate so cozy that decided to reward us with the best wines.

A generous wine, you cannot go wrong with it. Try these special wines from our selection:

Toneles del Sur Malbec: Great wine with oaky and berries tones 

Toneles del Sur Malbec Reserve, try this one if you are a perfectionist and like to get “the wine” for your special ocasion

Inspiratto Malbec: Vibrant  and fresh for any occasion

Inspiratto Reserve Malbec: A more sophisticated wine without losing all the freshness

Zorzal Malbec: A winec from the High altitude mountains in Mendoza

Zorzal Malbec Reserve:  from Zorzal winery, acclaimed 2012 winery of the Year by Wine & Spirits 

El Secreto Malbec: A Kosher wine from Argentina for the ones that prefer a Kosher.

Malbec pairs well with red meat, bbq, casserole, pies and cheeses.  For desserts try pairing it with berries, strawberries and chocolate.

Each one with its own identity. Try One, try all. Salud!