Malbec Glass is born

Malbec Glass is born

The new Malbec Glass design will be unveiled in April 2013

MALBEC GLASS~ dare2awineDoes Malbec needs a glass of its own? We believe so.  Malbec is a reverenciated Argentine wine and wants to seal its influence in the wine world with its own Malbec wine glass.  Malvec  origins are french but the grapes needed to reach Argentina soil to exploded in the marvelous wine varietal that is today. The richness of Mendoza soils,  low humidity and bright sunny days all together help to give this uniqueness to this old French grape. And here we go Argentine Malbec is born.

For years it was an obscure variety and  not widely commercialized but one pioneer of wine export to USA,  Ricardo Santos got together with  Riedel Glasses  and INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology) in 1997 to create a Malbec Glass. S even different types were tasted by some of Mendoza’s sommeliers and after rigorous sensory testings  the Malbec Glass was born in 1997 . But since Malbec wines were not widely known worldwide and had a low demand, the marketing of  its special glass was hold.

Fast forward to 2013 and we have a new Malbec Glass to be unveiled on April  in conjunction with Malbec World  Day celebrations. The new glass was commissioned by Graffinia winemakers and developed by Riedel.

Do you think the shape of the glass helps to enjoy your wine? Let us know. Salud!