El Secreto Malbec- Kosher Wine

3 bottles of 750ml.- $16.67 / bottle with shipping when you buy 3

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  • El Secreto Malbec-Argentinian Kosher wine

  • 2009 Kosher Mevushal wine.
  • 80% Malbec with a 20% Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • A dry wine with tannic hues in the color
  • Aroma rises with red fruit, plums, and hints of smoke from toasted French oak barrels.
  • Its mouth has a medium intensity to it that is pronounced, but rounded.
2 Bottles of El Secreto Kosher Wine- Malbec

4 Responses to “El Secreto Malbec- Kosher Wine”

  1. bluetoad says:

    …And El Secreto give you more options than ever before for affordable, drinkable kosher wines.

  2. american football says:

    Hi there – I might point out, impressed with this Malbec Kosher Wine. Best Kosher wine I’ve ever tried!! Definitively I’d go for the Malbec

  3. Nelia says:

    I enjoy your site! :) I recommend El Secreto Malbec..

  4. Bail Bondsmen Lawndale says:

    I tweeted this post! : ) This Malbec is really good!!!

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