Six-Pack Kosher Wines

$72.00 $53.00

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Six-Pack Kosher Mevushal Wines – Argentine Kosher Wines- Hanukkah ready!
3 bottles of 750ml.
$13.50/ bottle with shipping when you buy 6

Buy Argentine Kosher wine-Dare2Wine
Buy Argentine Kosher wine-Dare2Wine

 Six-Pack Kosher Wines - Argentine Kosher Wines

Six-Pack  Kosher Wines  from Argentina. Mevushal wines.
Save when you buy a  Six-Pack Kosher Wines

Pack consist of 2 bottles each of El Secreto Malbec, El Secreto Cabernet Sauvignon, El Secreto tri-Varietal.

All wines Kosher Mevushal- Hanukkah ready! Just enjoy them

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